sábado, 20 de junho de 2020

DC- Peace be unto you from Engineer Zuhair Ibrahim

Peace be unto you
My name is Engineer Zuhair Ibrahim Mohamed Moawad, Please I would like
to discuss some very urgent  and crucial issue with you if you don't
mind, I'm interested in appointing you as partner to move and invest a
substantial amount of funds in your country, this is subject to the
availability of by-Laws that allows foreign Investments/investors and
this is one of the prime reason why i wish to invest in any Lucrative
Business in your country.
Based on my binding agreement and mutual understanding with you to
manage and invest the funds on a chosen business sector, I'm willing
to enter into private financing of capital-intensive projects with
Conclusively, please let me know in your response if you are
interested to partner with me as I advise you forward to me YOUR FULL
Once I receive your full information above, a complete
memorandum of understand will be prepared by my lawyer so that we both
will sign before embarking of this business.
I hope this will be the beginning of a prosperous and mutual relationship between
both parties, as I'm willing to entrust this fund in your care.
Thanks in anticipation of your understanding and sincere cooperation.
Best Regards.
Zuhair Ibrahim Mohamed Moawad

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